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Fiction Testimonials

"In early 2016, I dropped a sprawling, ungainly 170,000-word “Untitled Project” into Kate Lechler’s capable hands. She quickly and professionally provided a comprehensive developmental analysis which answered all my questions. How do the characters actually read on the page? Are the plot points pointy enough? Where do the recurring themes conflict with each other? With her help, my “Untitled Project” is now a tight, readable hard science fiction novel called The Eternal Front. She’s also a pleasure to work with! Kate brings excitement and energy along with her keen editorial insight and her industry experience. She’s the rarest of unicorns: an expert who is good with client projects, and who actively loves what she’s doing. I’m working with her again—in fact, we’re already on the next project! I’ll keep coming back until she gets too busy and famous to take my calls."

–Walter Blaire, The Eternal Front

"Kate Lechler is one of my favorite editors. She is young in spirit (and years) but Kate is old-soul wise. I trust her. If a project isn’t right for Kate’s skill set or interests, I can count on her candor. If she accepts a book project, I know the work will be exemplary. Editors like this — talented, engaging, and with great range — don’t come along very often."

–Neil White, Publisher, Nautilus Publishing Company

"Kate Lechler is a savvy contemporary reader, who understands genres, follows a novel’s plotlines through hundreds of pages with an unerring fidelity to its arc, assesses keenly character development from first description through growth and maturity, and understands what’s missing from the narrative. Kate is personable and communicates effectively with authors, suggesting what to do to move the manuscript closer to the author’s goal with comments are clear and to the point. I have worked with a number of professional editors and Kate is tops, nonpareil."

–Ben MacClelland, Untitled Project

"Kate is a wonderfully whimsical whirlwind of literary dynamism. An astute barometer of the English language, her editing skills are flagrantly fantastic."

–Kyle Cornelius, Old Money, Old Secrets

"Kate was amazing! So easy to work with. Her work was clear and concise and brought direction to the story. I found the confidence to move forward with the story and move forward with actionable feedback and suggestions."

–Anthony Gilmore, Untitled Project

Non-Fiction Testimonials

"No one had edited my work for many years until Kate Lechler touched my manuscript for Katrina, Mississippi: Voices from Ground Zero. What to expect? I had wondered. She came with calm presence, excellent credentials, and, generally, a light touch along with some good suggestions. I am grateful."

–NancyKay Wessman, Katrina, Mississippi: Voices from Ground Zero

"If you need an editor who is dedicated, comprehensive, direct, and will make you work, hire Kate Lechler. In the editing of my memoir, she was the compass which pointed me in the direction from start to finish. At one point, I thought she had asked too many questions, until I realized I was not supplying enough answers—she extracted the details. I am fortunate to have had her. You will be, also."

–Richard Herzog, Pay Dirt

Academic Editing Testimonials

"Kate was very easy to work with.  She was prompt, responsive, and meticulous. Everything you would want in an editor for an academic article!"

–Amy Fisher, J.D., LCSW, School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

"I’m so happy to be able to turn to Kate for my editing and reviewing needs! She offered very helpful feedback on an essay I was finalizing for publication in late 2019 and is a wonderfully perceptive and generous reader. Kate also helped me to coordinate a workshop on my manuscript-in-progress at UM, and the event wouldn’t have been possible with her. I look forward to continuing to work with her in the years to come!"

–Monika Bhagat-Kennedy, English Department, University of Mississippi

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