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Packages and Pricing

Hello and welcome! I have experience editing academic articles and dissertations, narrative journalism, memoir, and fiction in a variety of genres. I offer manuscript evaluation, developmental editing, line editing, proofreading, and other services on a freelance basis.

If you have a manuscript that needs editing, I offer competitive prices and friendly, down-to-earth guidance. For more information, check out my editing packages below, ask for a sample, or just contact me @ katelechler(at) with a query. I also have testimonials!

The Green Ink Edit


Love your novel concept, but having a tough time nailing down the structure? Check out our Green Ink editing package, a developmental edit focused on big-picture plot and characterization issues. This edit also covers pacing, themes, narrative voice, and perspective. If you’ve finished your first draft and need the kind of feedback that will take your story from every day to one-of-a-kind, it’s time to comb over it with a fine-tooth.

This package also includes:

  • A detailed editorial letter addressing each of the parameters outlined above

  • an outline, chapter-by-chapter, for clarity of the work

  • your manuscript (with changes outlined in Word’s Track Changes or Google Doc’s Suggestions)

  • two hours of online or phone chat with the editor

The Red Ink Edit


Got that novel *just about* ready to go out to agents or publishers, but wanting to do one more pass to polish up the prose? Check out our Red Ink package! This line edit covers the little things: spelling, punctuation, grammar, diction, and clarity. If your idea and story feel solid, but something in the language doesn’t seem to be communicating your idea at its most effective, let’s get out the Red Pen and start improving.

This package also includes:

  • your manuscript (with changes outlined in Word’s Track Changes or Google Doc’s Suggestions)

  • an hour of online or phone chat with the editor

The Purple Ink Edit

$1000 even

This full manuscript evaluation covers everything: which story elements shine, which still need polish, as well as a deep analysis of world-building, character development, theme, and a variety of prose issues. If you’ve written a novel but aren’t sure what next steps to take, the Purple Ink will provide detailed guidance and revision plan. AND, if you decide to purchase a full Green Ink edit after getting the evaluation, the price of the evaluation will be discounted from your Green Ink edit.

This package also includes:

  • an editorial letter charting the work’s development and a suggested revision plan

  • an hour of online or phone chat with the editor

Other Manuscript Edits:

Partial Critique: Started a novel, and got stuck 50-100 pages in? I’ve got a fix for that! Check out my partial MS critique for the first 50 pages of your novel.  $200

Short Stories: Writing a short story, and want a trained editor to look over it before you send it off to your dream publication? Prices start at $20 for flash-length pieces!

Academic Manuscripts: Have an academic manuscript–book or article-length–that you’d like help with? $8/page for line-editing, or $50/hour for indexing and citations. (Can offer discounts for students!)

Note: Pricing is based on manuscript of 90,000 words or less. Manuscripts over 90,000 will incur additional fees. Manuscripts should be submitted in William Shunn’s MS format (industry-standard) which can be found here:

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